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Love is our Resistance
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down


The name is bingbing. My English name is Stella but that’s not my real name though.. I’m 16 this year. CVSS is my second home. 10 October is my favorite date. I'm a die-hard fan of White and Back. My greatest enemies are Liar, Backstabber, Hypocrite and Nag. I hate them alot. World would be sucha better place without them all.

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"If we live our life in fear,
I'll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again "



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Thursday, March 31, 2011

-Compassvale Secondary School- -2011- Modern dance...


Should I be upset or joy ? What we are aiming and hoping for are Gold With Honour . But end up we got a Gold... );

Siqh . What a disappointment ? The dancers cried.. I don't know if it was tears of sorrow or tears of joy . Well, I can see they were actually in tears of sorrow.. But the thing is.. I did not cheer or cry..

I do not have any reaction when the results are annouced .

Am I cold blooded ? Do I even have emotions ??

Or am I already well-prepared for the results ?

Or I don't even care?!!

I was so confused with my feelings .

Then, one of the dance teachers in-charge asked me "bingbing, how do you feel bout the results ?"

I probably know why she asked this question..


And so, I replied this "Erm...I'm not sure..Or should I say i do not know how to describe my feelings..", after saying, I quickly walked away . (Trying to Run away from any further questions . D:)

Somehow or rather, I know me myself wasn't very happy bout the results .

Because I was hoping for a Gold With Honour ? I didn't really set that high expectation .

It was because I know If expectation was being set so high up, the rate of disappointment will increase .

Meanwhile, I was also trying to convince myself that getting a Gold isn't that easy .

In fact, Getting a Gold is already very Incredible !

But was that a lie to myself ?

I don't know .

Or maybe I should just leave this matter aside .

Whatever has done is already done .

Lets just put the pasts aside and move on to our future . :D


♥our lips must always be sealed
11:04 PM

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello . 3 more mins to 4am .
Yes, I'm still not asleep . D:
Hais.. What should I do ??!
I don't even feel like sleeping! )x
Someone save me ~~

♥our lips must always be sealed
3:56 AM

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello ! ^-^
Here are my wishlist~
Also can say it's a target or a aim for me ?
haha, it's time to upgrade and update myself ! :D

There goes..

1. Lion Head Dancer
2. Lion Dance Drummer
3. Learn To Dance Hardstyle Shuffle
4. Do Well For My N-Levels
5. MUST Get A Chance To Learn Pole Dance

Currently only these bah .
These are what I wanted to do . :X
Although some of it are a bit ridiculous like.. pole dance ? or drummer?
Haha, I know I myself don't have music talents .
I can honestly say I play music really SUCKS TTM . (:
But, I'll work very hard !
As for pole dance, I have totally no experience bout it .
Mayb I'm just curious and I do find that it is really something interesting .
I wanna give myself a try . (:
Hope all of you can support me ! ^-^

As for this upcoming SYF.. which lies on the 29th March, Next tuesday.. -3more days to go-
I do hope that everyone (CVSS dancers including me) can put in their very own best !
We dance every morning and night..scarifice so much of your time, put in so much efforts, and our tears, blood and sweats.. these CANNOT just Gone Down To The Drains !
We Really Must Give Our Best !
I love you guys . You rawks ! Your have really play a big part in my life !
Although lao shi (dance instructor) keep on scolding us like we're some dogs or idiots, but she have her reasons . It's for our own good. (Y)

I think that's all I wanted to share today . See you next time ! (:
Zai Jian ! :D

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:19 PM

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Love Ones.. x3

bingbing <3

Sweet Sisters <3 (Anna, Jasmine, RuiWen)

♥our lips must always be sealed
11:47 PM

By the way, I've been doing well .
I enjoy my life now, it's full of colours .
It's no longer black and white . (:
I have my close friends , brothers and gan-mama .
They bring colours to my life, and make me cherish the things around me everyday .
I broke up with him long ago, though I've never mention bout him at all for these years .
Maybe this is the best solution and will make things easy for us to do .
Currently I never thought of accepting another relationship .
It's not easy to fall for someone and forget someone you really love..
Single is the best ! :D
Lets just concentrate on our work and studies !
As well as do our very best for the upcoming SYF !
I know it's very tiring/exhausting and unbearable, but dancers, lets pull it through ! Alright !? :D
Anyway, I've quited th kiddy art job during the end of Jan . (:
Besides this, I'm still in contact with my lion dance troupe .
The 1st - 15th Chinese new year days are not easy, haha !
During that time I was struggling with time management and body stamina .
Bai Nian, CCA, Lion Dance, Studies, ART, Lacking of Sleep, etc ..
That time was really GG for me .
My family members do not know I joined lion dance, and I never want them to know .
Even they knew it, I will deny it no matter what .
Because I know they will disapprove it..
Playing Lion dance is one of my passion and hobby/interest .
I don't want to give up on it ..
So during the bai nian, i actually "sneaked" out and went for chu shi .
My brother and mum suspected me, but what can I do ?
I have to deny everything no matter what .
I lied to get what I want .
Actually what's wrong bout lion dance ?
Why does so many people disapprove me of playing it ?
Is it because I'm a girl ?
Can't a girl play lion dance ?
Seriously I'm very curious luh..
But bo bian lah, I just love it, and no one is going to stop me . .__.
Anyway I joined Lion Dance since last year, which is 18 June 2010..
hahas! it's going to be my one year in there ! ^^
As for my CCA during new year days..
I have to skipped it for couple of practices . D:
Oh damn it~ laoshi get so fed up of me and I almost kicked out from the syf.
Laoshi knew I was in lion dance.. but I can't tell her that i went for chu shi and not going for her practice, if I were to tell her this, I'l be in hot soup ! Dx
So I lied again..
I told her I have a fever, cough, flu and sore eyes .
laughs, out of these examples, only sore eyes and cough was the true one .
But still, I was scolded until very jialat.. -.-
Aiya, anyway who cares lah... it's over now. (:
During the new year days, I looked very shagged and tiredd..due to the lack of sleep and over active . ==
But the days were really pretty fun and thrilling after overcome so many problems . :D
I learnt many things too . haha . (:
Alright, lets talk bout now or the most recently ones?
I actually went to Malaysia with the lion dance troupe for Yew Keng .
My family doesn't knows bout it . But my friends do .
I had a great time there. (:
Going abroad with friends is one of my wish~
It's now fulfilled ! :p
As for now.. My plans is to study hard, play hard, and work hard !
I know N-level is around the corner , but I'm BROKE!
SO ! I'm looking for a job again!
I know it's not the right time..but I have no choice .
I really need money, and I spent almost all of my money . ):
I'll try to balance my studies as well . (:
I think that's all i have to say ?
Goodbye . =)

Nothing is gonna change my mind..
I finally know what I want..
This is my life.
If anything bad happens, I'll take the responsibility .

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:34 PM

I think I've Given up On Blogging,
Now Catch Me On Facebook ! :D

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:28 PM

Saturday, October 9, 2010

this time really G.G for me.. hais ..
so stress..
need time management . ):
having bad headache these days . argh ! Dx

♥our lips must always be sealed
12:33 AM

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm back ? Haha, maybe i'll gone MIA again . :X
As you all know, EOY exams is coming very soon.
So please STUDY HARD !! :D
Time is precious ! Must cherish it, okay ? x)
These months, as usual, i've been attending to school having those boring yet meaningful lessons, attending to CCAs and those programs which school have prepared for us , hanging out with friends and went to lion dance .
Another news to share !
I've quited Student Council Board .
I find it totally useless and wasting of time although they really taught me alot , but sometimes they want us to do alot of craps . Awww -.-
Actually Student Council gave me a lot of benefits and privilege nah, but I don't think is necessary to have it, I just want to be a normal student .
Which I don't have to keep running away from those teachers and have to see their face every single day.
I don't like teachers treated me differently compared to those normal students .
I find it very UNFAIR !
sometimes i did something wrong, teachers would say something like, I'm a student council, I should be more responsible and set good example for the rest of the students .
I just wanna say I AM A HUMAN TOO . Human makes mistake . Isn't it? -.-
Ohhhs, forget it. It's already over yea . I don't give a damn bout it anymore . (:
and yes ! 1st September is the teachers' day !
I didn't went visit the Edgefield Primary . How sad ! D;
I miss my Ex-TEACHERS ! DD;
I hope they miss me too . xD
As awaiting for the Teachers' Day celebration to come, my friends (classmates) and I are going to dance on the actual day for our beloved teachers .
Cool, isn't it ?
No matter is the dance wonderful or not, the efforts and hearts we put in it matters .
Well, I hope the teachers would love it . =)
During teachers' day, i was busy and i'm unable to meet Mdm Pang and Mr Lim . ):
But i hope they are enjoying during the teachers' day . (:

29Aug, I went to swimming .
Well, I already that tanned, and i still went to swimming, can't believe my skin tone right now, uh ? xD
I'll try to use whitening lotion, Stay tuned yea !
NO MORE saying me BLACK ! :D

30Aug, the school is taking us to the F1 racing site and have a look at it .
As well as teaching us things about hospitality . (:
I didn't had much fun over there . As it was TOO BORING ! :X

During the August, I went to visit the Ice-Skating with my sweetheart too ! I had a lot of fun there . xP
I'm looking forward to my next trip over there with my sweetheart or girlfriends ! x33

Will blog again, have to go right now.
See you again , I miss you ! (:

♥our lips must always be sealed
4:33 PM